The GSDCA-WDA "a" Stamp Hip and "ED" Elbow Program Guideline Service

The GSDCA-WDA has implemented a "a"-Stamp Evaluation program for hips and elbows in conjunction with the Schaeferhund Verein (SV) in support of the German Shepherd Dog breed program. They are designed to supplement the established OFA program supported by the AKC and to provide a certified record of hip and elbow ratings on each dog's registration papers.

All Forms are available from the GSDCA-WDA office (and include address, phone, and e-mail).

Guidelines are provided which can be viewed and downloaded from the following link: Guidelines for Hip and Elbow Evaluation (updated 02/22/2014)

Please Note: The SV will not accept digital radiographs. For conversion to film you may contact:

X-Ray Express
1244 Karla Dr., Suite 210
Hurst, Tx. 76053-4437

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